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Portrait – Institute of Sustainable Food and Farming Systems – is a private-sector transfer and research institute engaged in the development of solutions for the farming and food sectors, based on the implementation of the latest research findings. We take research knowledge to practitioners.

Together with farm holdings, processors, traders, authorities and research establishments around the world we develop concepts and projects that advance agriculture. We facilitate the implementation of agroecological practices that are lean, intelligent and profitable. A key tenet of our work is the veracity of scientific findings in the natural and social sciences. We are committed to sustainability and consider good governance to be a prerequisite.

Thanks to Professor Urs Niggli’s long-standing professional career as research director on farming and nutrition combined with a qualified team we can offer uniquely broad expertise and can draw on our worldwide networks. works at the regional, national and international levels – through a multitude of channels and with a wide range of partners. We execute our projects and assist our partners from initiation right through to implementation.